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Working as a photographer is not my vocation or destiny, it’s the part of me.

From Russia, Ukraine, Georgia and now Malta, I've come a long way to find myself and my style in photography. In my first years of work in St. Petersburg I was inspired by the work of American photographers of the 40s for whom each shot had value and had to contain meaning. I still adhere to these principles, the content and composition of any frame are the most important characteristic for me. I explore myself through the photography and videography, so in my projects I often cover the topics of self-expression, self-acceptance and searches.​ Since my childhood I have love storytelling, each new project is always a new challenge and a new story for me where I can express my vision and your idea. Let’s create your unique story together. Showcase your idea in my visual way.Located in Malta, Europe.

Leave your application or write me an e-mail and I will certainly contact you as soon as possible.
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